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November 2014

Domestic Violence Services

Summary of those provided by 45 Councils
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September 2014

National A-level results

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September 2013

National GCSE results

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August 2013

History of CESPA


November 2011

Family Justice Review Report

PARITY Response Nov 2011

November 2011

Labour Force Data

UK July - Sept 2011

August 2011

National A-level result - 2011

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April 2011

Legal challenge to biased Gender Studies course

Legal and/or financial support urgently sought

March 2011

Perverting the Course of Justice

CPS Consultation on False Allegations

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PARITY is a national non-party charity having no paid staff or public funding.


Because PARITY seeks changes in the law to redress statutory sex discrimination, it has been deemed in the past to be "political" and thus been denied charitable status. Its funding therefore depends entirely on subscriptions and donations from members and sympathetic individuals and organisation.


Since the advent of the 1998 Human Rights Act, however, charitable purposes have been broadened to include bona fide human rights activities and after further application, PARITY was eventually accepted as a registered Charity.


For more information Contact

David Yarwood, Hon Secretary PARITY
Constables, Windsor Rd, Ascot SL5 7LF
Tel and Fax: 01344 621167


John Mays, Chair PARITY
14 HillView, Cottenham Park Road
West Wimbledon, London SW20 0TA
Tel: 0208 946 2198

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