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December 2014

Domestic Violence Services

Summary of those provided by 78 Councils
England and Wales



Action Group

Current Objectives

  • equal liability of men and women over 60 in respect of National Insurance contributions (NICs);
  • mitigation, and no further aggravation, of the present inequality as between men and women in state pension provision due to the continuing unequal state pension ages (lasting until year 2020);
  • substantially equal public funding for medical research into and treatment of male and female specific diseases;
  • funding for research into the reasons for and means of reducing the persistent difference in life expectancy between men and women;
  • equal status for separated parents and more rigorous enforcement of child contact and of maintenance orders;
  • equal treatment of victims of domestic violence, both male and female, and their children;
  • effective Government policies to encourage a more even balance between men and women in primary school teaching;
  • equal anonymity for defendants and complainants in sex offence cases until conviction;
  • equal provisions for men and women in all statutory and public policies and benefits.
Sex Discrimination
Boys' Education
Men's Health
Equal Parenting
Male Victims of Domestic Abuse